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Stone finishes

    We have Six standard composite stone finishes available for all of the standard and bespoke products, we also offer a colour matching service which is invaluable when you would like to match up to existing masonry, if the colour matching is required we will need a small sample sending to us, this service is free of charge but is subject to a minimum order.

   We also offer a shot blast service (stone etching), our standard product unless a reproduction will be a smooth finish, we can etch the surface of the stone to give a textured pitted surface, this is a favourite with customers who need to match in existing aged stone or  are using reclaimed materials and want a product that isn't new looking, the other benefit being the stone tends to age much more quickly when etched.


Our standard stone finishes below, click on image to enlarge and if you need any further information about these coliurs or our bespoke stones finishes please call us on


         Tel: 01829 770 632       or       Fax 01829 770 642


    Artificial ageing can be achieved in-situ with the use of coffee (chicory is best) and or charcoal, in both treatments suspend either coffee or charcoal in water and paint on to the surface, it may take several applications to get the desired effect, the benefit of using coffee is a more rapid natural ageing after application due to the organic nature of coffee, please try a sample patch first on a blind spot to make sure you will be happy with the results, there are other techneques such as acrylics but this is best done by proffesionals.

Artificial ageing

       Light etch/smooth           Heavy etch         Ageing using coffee      

Stone finishes